onsdag 20. februar 2013

Too little space

I'm really short of space and I dream of a bigger house and a larger garden. This year I knew that I would saw more seeds than before and space was the big challenge. My hope was to grow 1000 seedlings this year. I had to put up a new shelf to be able to give all my seedlings sunshine. I don't give extra light since the temperature becomes too high for my OTs and 4n trumpets. Not all the crosses have germinated yet. But at the same time the daylilyseedlings have just begun to germinate. This how my growing room looks like now:
My greenhouse are not too big either. The picture are from last year:
Last year I manage to have a rather large number of plants in it. I think this was May last year:

And this is the greenhouse in June/July:

This year I know the greenhouse will contain the same number of plants or more. But all the lily seedlings will be growing at the tables and save allot of space to the lilies that I'm going to pollinate.
This is the size of the new boxes I am going to grow the seedlings in. The few seedlings I grew in these boxes last year on the tables was large. This winter I have got 20 of them. It is possible to grow 50 seedlings in each box and maybe 12 boxes on each table.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg visste ikke at du blogget, og det er morro å se inn i drivhuset ditt :)

  2. Takk for tilbakemelding.

    Det blir like kaotisk i år siden jeg har sådd mer liljer enn før. Spirer staudefrøene bra og, de er under snøen nå, får jeg ikke plass til alt.