søndag 17. februar 2013

Lilium Shenandoah

In 1995 there where introduced some new trumpets for sale. They where strains and had names after American national parks. I only grow one of them, Shenandoah. This is how it's looks like:

When I bought the seeds from DILS I didn't knew anything about it and I had never heard anything about it before. I have only one plant that have produced bulblets, I'm not able to produce seeds by pollinate 2 plants and grow Shenandoah from seeds.

The flowers are surprisingly small, not what I thought a 4n trumpet would look like. But I have done some crosses with it and it doesn't produce seeds when pollinated with White Henryi. But when pollinated with pollen from OTs and Ryirube the pods have been full of excellent seeds. In 2011 I pollinated Shenandoah with pollen from these lilies:

Mixed pollen from: 4n Black Beauty(?) - Pizzazz - OT R93/25, Mixed pollen from Miss Libby, Conca D'or and Alexandra, pollen from Starburst Sensation and A brown pendant Ryirube.

Every year I grow seedlings from Shenandoah the seeds germinate well and grow fast. This is a box with seedlings from last year:


Last year the bulb had split and had 2 stems. It was pollinated with :
Miss Libby, OT pollen mix, dark purple ryirube, the new lily Lankon, Black Beauty x ( L. longiflorum x L. henryi) , Tiger Woods ( oriental) and L. nepalense.
Some of these crosses have been sown and both crosses with Lankon and L. nepalense are germinating well. The cross with Tiger Woods have 5 seedlings but there where few seeds in the pod.

I have learned that 4n trumpets germinate well when treated like OT seeds, earlier post. But seeds from Shenandoah germinate well without any extra care. 

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