søndag 17. februar 2013

7 different L. sargentiae crosses x op

A few years ago I purchased some seeds from this cross from DILS. Already the first year after sowing some of them bloomed. The trumpets where nice and I decided to dig up one bulb that I wanted to pollinate the following year.
The bulb where planted together with some other bulbs, not seedlings. The bulb are rather dark. When it started to grow it come up with 2 stems but only with 3 buds. When it opened it's first flower it was a beautiful white and light pink flower with strong fragrance. Since there where only 3 flowers they where rather large.


The first 2 flowers was pollinated with pollen from L. henryi. The last flower was pollinated with pollen from these OTs:
Alexandra, Conca D'or, 4n Black Beauty (?), Miss Libby, Pizzazz, OT R93/25.
When the seed pods started to swell I was really surprised to see that the pod pollinated with 4n OT pollen was the only one that grew normally and actually gave me a pod filled with excellent seeds. The pods from crosses with L. henryi was looking not so well but had a few good seeds that germinated normally
These seedlings are from the cross with OT pollen.

The year after, in 2012 the bulbs had grown bigger and one of the stems was looking like this:

The flowers was pollinated with different pollen but not all of the pollinations gave seeds. But pollinated with pollen from these lilies I got seeds:
Ryirube seedling ( I think it was a yellow one), dark purple Ryirube, brown pendant Ryirube, Starburst Sensation + Avocado, Robina. All these crosses gave many seeds.
For next year the bulbs have grown too big for my small greenhouse. But this lily produces many bulblets and I had some in the greenhouse from 2011 that I had planted in a larger pot. They will have some flowers this year.

Since last year I have been wondering why this lily are fertile when pollinated with OTs and not 2n trumpets. The seeds comes from a friend of mine in Denmark but I bought them from DILS since I didn't knew him at that time. He have also been able to do crosses with L. sargentiae and OTs. I don't know if that's why this lily are able to pollinate this lily with OT pollen or if it's something else. But I'm looking forward to see the flowers from these crosses.

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