tirsdag 29. januar 2013

The purpose of this blog

A little over a year ago, John contacted me through Dave's Garden (www.dave'sgarden.com) .He wished to exchange lily seeds. After many e-mails, we knew we wanted to collaborate with each other. We began by providing large quantities of lily seeds to each other and by exchanging exciting hybrids. We began to cross interesting lily varieties. John has for years grown cut flowers and has the best location between us to plant out larger quantities of seedlings and for growing out our selections. My garden is not that big so I did not have room to plant out more than about 1,000 seedlings each year. John can plant out significantly more than that. Some of the seeds we sow comes from our own crosses done in our own greenhouses, the rest are bought or given to us. Since summers in Norway are often cool and wet, it is almost impossible to produce seed if I pollinate the lilies out in the garden. But in recent years, I have done most of the pollination in my little greenhouse with great success.
The plan with the selected seedlings is to multiply them and put them up for sale on our website. Since we have only just begun, there is still a long way to go before we can sell our own hybrids. We have been quite lucky to receive bulbs from both Anton Mego and Charles Kroell. These bulbs will be grown out to multiply them and use them for breeding purposes, but not for sale unless they give us permission. Furthermore, I have hybrids from Andris Krumins and Guntis Grants, two very talented lily breeders from Latvia whose bulbs I have imported a few years ago. They too will be used for seed production only.

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