onsdag 30. januar 2013

Sowing lilies 2013, martagons

I started to grow some of these new varities of lily in 2012 . Since martagon's sprout hypogealy, all martagon seed was from produced by my own pollination. Since I was unsure if there would be seeds or not, I did not write any labels, so I did not know what had been pollinated for any of the crossings. "Martagon Chameleon", which produced the most seeds, were pollinated with pollen from "Lilium hansonii", "Early Bird" and perhaps also from Slate's seedling. All of the seeds were mixed in plastic bags with 50% peat and 50% perlite and grown in a slightly damp environment. Each cross was placed in a separate bag, clearly marked. After one month, this is what the seeds looked like :

The small bulbs need 2-3 months with low temperatures to germinate in the spring. When they were big enough to be put into the refrigerator they looked like this:
It's no problem to sow martagon seeds in the garden but by sowing the seeds in November like I do I'll save one year from seed until first flower. Since martagon uses between 5-7 years before it reaches 1 foot flower stems, I think it is an advantage to sow the seeds the way I do.

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