onsdag 30. januar 2013

Sowing lilies 2013, OT and 4n trumpets

This is not the easiest lilies to germinate and the first years I grew OTs from seeds only a few seeds germinated. The first seeds I got from OTs didn't germinate at all but a lily grower told me to put the seeds in my fridge and let them stay there a while. I sow the seeds in february and the seeds germinated, after months in the fridge, in October/November. But most of them survived the winter. In 2010, late fall, I wrote a letter to Mr. Robert Griesbach asking him about how to convert lilies from diploid to tetraploid level. He wrote back to me, and together with the reply was some seed bags:

Since I had bad experience growing OT lilies from seeds I send my question to the Yahoo lily group. I got two different replies and so I did some of what I was told from both of the replies and got amazing germination. The pictures I will show are from the last two years germination of OT lilies.

About January 15. I soak the seeds in water for 2-3 days, changing water twice a day.
After 2-3 days the seeds are sown:
And covered with about 1 cm perlite. The box with the seeds are then placed in a plastic bag that are closed well and placed a cool, sunny place. The temperature should not be higher than 18 C, 64 F. Lilies germinate better when placed cool than high temperature.
Then, after 2 weeks the seeds starts to germinate:

After 2 more weeks they look like this:


The seeds continued to germinate for weeks. At the time they where ready for transplanting I'm sure that there must have been more than 50 seedlings.

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