fredag 31. mai 2013


A few years ago I purchased some seeds from Danish Iris and Lily Society. One of the crosses didn't had the cross written on the bag, it simply was written First Crown. First Crown is a OA (oriental Asiatic) and I was surprised someone had been able to get seeds on it. I just had to try these seeds.

The seeds was sown last year and after a while they germinated but the cotyledon didn't grew more than about 1 cm. Even after one month it was still that short so finally I put it in my fridge since it had germinated hypogeal. After some months it was taken out from there and produced normal leafs. But I had some problems with them and the leafs died back but the bulbs did look ok. After some time I decided to give them a new try and let them stay in the fridge some new months. This spring they where taken out from there again but I was not sure if they would sprout one more time. I was really happy seeing one small leaf on one of them. After one week 5 bulbs had one leaf each and where planted in a new pot with new soil in the greenhouse. I really hope they will have flowers within a few years, then I will know if they are from a cross with Orientals or asiatics. This is how they looks like now:


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