torsdag 9. mai 2013

Lilygrowers in Latvia and their hybrids

In 2011 my wife and I went to Latvia for a holiday both for seeing this beautiful country and to visit 2 lily growers. One of them, Guntis Grants, I had been writing with a few weeks before we went there. He had invited us to his garden where he have his lily nursery. he have his own web site

We should also visit one other grower, Andris Krumins, but we never got there. When we arrived to Latvia’s capital city, Riga, we met Guntis and together we went to the botanical garden of Riga where it was held a lily show. Here are a few pictures from there:

After the show we went home to Guntis. He grows many lilies, mostly asiatics but also some trumpets and OTs. The next pictures here should have been from the nursery but I never took any pictures. I think it was since I was overwhelmed by all those lily flowers. Never in my life have I never ever seen so many lilies at one place, but also it had been a long day for us and it was a hot day. But I ordered some bulbs from Guntis that I wanted to use for breeding purpose and when they bloomed in my greenhouse last year many of them was photographed.

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  1. Hei Øystein.
    Vi skal til Riga 24.oktober. Tror du det er mulig å få bestilt og kjøpt noen løker med hjem?
    Hilsen Mette