torsdag 9. mai 2013

Latvian lily hybrids

The first time a tango lily bloomed was in a Latvian garden. That lily bloomed only that one year and never come back. But the grower was amazed seeing this unusual lily and used it's pollen on many of his other lilies. Thanks to him we still have tango lilies.

A few months after the visit to Latvia I got a package from Guntis. It contained lily bulbs from him and a few from a friend of him, Andris Krumins. I have already 2 hybrids from Andris in my garden and they are really beautiful. The first one is Ilga:
The second one is Mistika, a 1c yellow tango. I can't find any picture of it since I thought it was lost for me but last year I found it in my garden and this year it's growing in my greenhouse. This year I will take a picture of it.

The new hybrids from Andris are Novice:

And Ciganiete

Not all the bulbs from Guntis had a name since they where new seedlings that had not got a name yet.

                                                             This is 7G 157

                                                         This is Mara

                                  This one are one of my favorites, 6G 90, exelent fertile too.

                                                              This is 6G 238

                                                           This is Veja Valsis

                                                 This is 6G 204 together with Ilga

One other great lily 6G 139

                                                               This is Rakaris

                                                                This is 9G 26

                                                          And this is 6G 185

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