lørdag 9. august 2014

Brian Bergmans hybrids

Brian Bergman, a Canadian lily breeder, have made many exiting hybrids. Last year I ordered some of his hybrids for seed production. The OT hybrids that are possible to order here in Norway are older hybrids with low fertility. Brians hybrids have high fertility and can give many seeds in each pod. Some of the OT lilies he send me looks like aurelians more than common OT lilies. The reason is his hybrid Roy's Select. Roy's Select are a lily, aurelian, that acts like a 3n, it can be pollinated with 4n OT pollen and vice versa. The offspring from Roy's Select x 4n OT pollen looks like aurelians but will give seeds when pollinated with pollen from other OT lilies. The seedlings can also be pollinated with oriental pollen.  Roy's Select are also possible to pollinate with oriental pollen and vice versa. Thanks to Roy's Select it's possible to create black heart OT. I have seen pictures of some of the hybrids Brian sent to me that have been really tall and with a high bud count. I have planted all of the bulbs from Brian in my greenhouse. My greenhouse are too low. Next year most of the lilies will be much taller than the greenhouse. I might have to raise my greenhouse 1 meter up.

This is Gold Eaglet, a cross between Gold Eagle and a asiatic hybrid. Easy to cross with 4n OT pollen and also oriental pollen.

This should have been a 4n trumpet but Brian sent me wrong lily. This is a Johan Mak OT. .

This could be T-9-6. Not sure if it's a OT or aurelian. It's been pollinated with both aurelians and 4n OTs.

This is Yellow aurelian, 3 flowers this year. One flower pollinated witn 4n OT pollen and 2 flowers pollinated with aurelian pollen. It gave plenty of seeds when pollinated with aurelian pollen.

Not a good picture of Miniature. It can give seeds when pollinated with OT pollen and orientals.

This is a OT? It's name are NALS-06-16-314.

 This is LF-1 x OP

This is T-8-7. It's a OT.

 This is T-8-6, also a OT.

This one I have no name for. I thought it was a small bulb that was the same hybrid as the bigger bulbs I got but it's different from the others. It had only one flower that was pollinated with 4n OT pollen.

This is Roy's Select seedling x TL 622.

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