lørdag 9. august 2014

Aurelian seedlings

I really enjoy the asiatics but the aurelians are one of my favourites.

This is a Charles Kroell seedling. The cross are White henryi fleck x CK06 HT13.

This is a seedling from seeds given to me from Robert Griesbach. This is 4n White Henryi type.

A black heart, Jurgen Koch seedling

 This is a mix of seedlings from John Lykkegaards seeds.

 Jurgen Koch seedling

A sister seedling to the lily on the top: White henryi fleck x CK06 HT13

A seedling sown last year, one of 5 seedlings that bloomed one year after sown. This is from the cross
Barbara Small x CH06 HT05? The white on the petals are not reflection from the camera, the flower looks like this.

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