lørdag 6. juli 2013


The lilies have started to bloom in the greenhouse. Every day new flowers have opened and are ready to be pollinated. Most of them are asiatics but also Lankon are blooming. I'm not sure if I have any pollen that would give seeds with it. The first flowers are also loosing their petals and most of the seed pods are swelling. A Danish friend of mine sent me some pollen of John Lykkegaards hybrids and I have done some pollinations with that too.

This on are a lily that I got from a friend. It's taller in the greenhouse than out in the garden. I really love 1c lilies and hope for some exiting seedling from this
 This orange have been growing in my garden for some years but I can't remember where it comes from. So far no seed pods are swelling. It could be a triploid or a tetraploid. Today I pollinated it with some pollen from 4n asiatics.

The purple tango are a selected seedling from Lykkegaards seeds. In the garden it's more recurved than in the greenhouse.

In 2010 my wife and I where in Denmark for a vacation. The last day we where in Denmark we visited John Lykkegaard and his wife. John gave me some lilies, I'm quite sure that this one are one of them. I was really surprised when it opened and was not a tango. But it's a pure yellow 1c lily. I see many possibilities with it. All the pollen I use on it are from tango lilies.

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