søndag 21. juli 2013

Blooming lilies and crosses I have done

It's the best time of the year, the lilies are blooming. Almost every day new flowers opens. Some are new seedlings that where supposed to be something different than it turned out to be and most are named hybrids.

This is a seedling, my own cross. The cross are Yellow tigerlily x Lowana. Only one flower this year and it producing bulbils.

This might be Golden Splendor. I'm pollinatin it with different aurelian pollen.

This lily are from seeds. Supposed to be a 4n OT but it's not. I guess it's a 4n trumpet. It's been pollinated with OT pollen.

This is the same lily as above.

 A Griesbach OT from seeds.

This is a L. davidii- hybrid, open pollinated. I like it's shape and hope that the next generation will not be orange. It's pollinated with pollen from Lion Heart.

In 2011 I sow and planted out seedlings from seeds I got from Robert Griesbach. Last year I dug up 2 bulbs from 4n White Henryi type. I was surprised to see that the bud was orange but also bigger than buds at L. henryi. After it finally opened totally it was this beautiful lily. No doubt that it's a seedling from a aurelian cross that I had mixed with the seedlings from Griesbach. It's pollinated with pollen from Australia ( Mego hybrid x Black Heart White).

I thought I had lost this lily a few years ago. I was happy to fin it in my garden last year. It's a asiatic lily from Latvia. It's name are Mistika.

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