onsdag 30. juli 2014

Lilies 2014, spring.

This year have been a great year with many exiting and new lilies that where purchased from Brian Bergman last fall. He's creating many unusual hybrids and he have told me new ways in lily hybridizing. This year I have pollinated Silk Road with oriental pollen and the pods are swelling. One of Brians hybrids I have desired for some years he sent to last year; Roy's Select. This lily gives black hearts or red hearts on it's offsprings. It will cross both ways with trumpets/aurelians but also OTs and orientals. Unfortunately my bulb didn't bloom this year so I will have to wait till next year before I can do exiting crosses with it.

This year I desided to grow the bulbs that I was going to pollinate in the greenhouse in a big box. Previous I have growing them in pots but they have dried too much. The soil is a mix of peat, plenty of sand and composted cow manure.

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